Malta Fashion Week: International Designers

This year’s fashion marathon has come to an end, alas, but not without a bang! Malta Fashion Week 2015 had the perfect ending with the International Designers, who all presented their contrasting collections with the models walking from the Grandmaster’s Palace courtyard onto St George’s Square (Valletta). In total, six designers showcased their work, and every one of them had a distinct style, vision, and aesthetic. From dreamy pastels to bold leather, from bursts of colour to more neutral palettes, we can say we’ve had a welcome fusion of textures and shades. Similar to last year, I have enjoyed this show because it is the ideal opportunity to glance at, delight in and appreciate what is happening in the fashion world of design and creativity away from our shores. The participating countries in this show were (in order of appearance): Baron Fashion (from Serbia), House of Jola (from Nigeria), Ataraxi (from the United Kingdom), Penelope Demetriou (from Cyprus), Eymeric Francois (from France), and Gagliardi (from Malta). So, onto the big reveal…

1. Baron Fashion opened the show, with the gowns and suits channelling the fairy tale theme. I would say some of the pieces would be just right for weddings or events of a formal nature.

IMG_3387_Baron 1 IMG_3387_Baron 2

2. Contrasting the more muted shades was the explosion of colour presented by the House of Jola. Having seen her collection last year, I cannot say I was surprised that strong hues would make an appearance; indeed, I was awaiting this collection specifically for the amalgamation of colours, to which I am drawn because it puts me in a good vibrant mood.

IMG_3432_Jola 1 IMG_3432_Jola 2

3. Ataraxi was up next, with the collection Dark Paradise. The concept was clear: gender-neutral and unconventional clothing for those who want to take a step further in defining their fashion sense. The mood that permeated during this collection was one of fluidity and calmness, which chimes in well with the name of the brand (Ataraxi is Greek for a heightened sense of tranquility).

IMG_3477_Ataraxi 1 IMG_3477_Ataraxi 2

4. The Penelope Collection, showcased by Penelope Demetriou (Cyprus), was feminine and bodacious at the same time. The recurring motif was the emblem embroidered on various pieces. A striking contrast was achieved by choosing silky materials on the one hand and feathered leather details and intense ruffles on the other.

IMG_3507 Cyprus 2 IMG_3507_Cyprus 1

5. For the collection Midnight in Paris, presented by Eymeric Francois (France), black was THE colour. The pieces are for the fearless risk-taker; the term femme fatale also comes to mind, for the woman who likes to mix it up with leather and lace, balancing sensuality with fierceness.

IMG_3557_France 1 IMG_3557_France 2

6. Last but not least, it was Malta’s turn with the Made in Malta brand Gagliardi. This collection was partly inspired by golf, but also swayed towards the dapper looks of bespoke tailoring reminiscent of Saville Row, and ended with luxurious velvet suits.

IMG_3631_Gagliardi 1 IMG_3631_Gagliardi 2

That’s a wrap for Malta Fashion Week (shows) and I must admit I am going to miss the action and fervour of it all! See you at Fashion Awards tonight and good luck to all the nominees!!



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