Malta Fashion Week: Fashion Awards Night

All good things must come to an end…and so it is with Malta Fashion Week and Awards 2015. One minute you’re counting down the days, and in the blink of an eye it’s done and dusted. It was a rollercoaster of emotions wrought by the wonderful, beautiful creations of the skilled and talented designers, both local and foreign. It was also a golden opportunity for me to meet and spend the loveliest time with my besties fellow bloggers Mariel, Ellie, Lyndsey, Dorianne, and Pavli, who have made every moment of fashion week 100 times better!! Click on the links to read their blogs.

Now onto the Fashion Awards night, a show of extravaganza celebrating all the designers who showcased their work during the week. Add to that visual and stunningly choreographed hair shows, and of course the nominees / winners of the awards, who work tirelessly and passionately to ensure the fashion world in Malta is as strong as in other countries, and who deserve the recognition for their year-long dedication and hard work to this burgeoning industry.

Here are the winners:

Best Model and Best Photo Model: Claire Ciantar

Best Male Model / Photo Model: Manuel Bonnici

Best Stylist: Caroline Paris

Best Photographer: Kurt Paris

Best Blogger: Daniel Azzopardi

Best Hair Stylist: Marielle Calleja for Prive

Best make-up artist: Diandra Mattei

Best New Designer: Gaetano Couture

Thanks are also in order to the executive producer Adrian Mizzi, the stylist Marisa Grima (who despited injuring her ankle soldiered on to bring to life every well-executed show onto the runway), Pierre Mizzi, Giselle Scicluna, Priscilla Sammut Preca, and all those who helped make MFWA 2015 a roaring success, whether they were hair stylists, make-up artists, PR managers, and interns. You know who you are so give yourself a clap!!

Thank you for following and read on for upcoming posts / fashion events… xxx


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