Celebrating River Island’s 1st Year

River Island (at the Point) celebrated its first anniversary last weekend, and to mark the occasion a huge amount of discount cards were distributed during the days preceding the event. To keep up with the boho- modern-chic that characterizes the RI style (as seen through my eyes), the shop was stocked to the nines (as usual) and some more activities ensued during the afternoon. I did not have much time unfortunately to stay on for the party but I took some snaps to give you an idea of what is in store at the moment.

What I like about this brand is that even though it seems to cater for a youngish hip-looking crowd that you’d find mingling at festivals such as Coachella, or lounging at Cafe del Mar here in Malta, or event hopping in Soho/Tribeca NY, mostly anyone would find that item that appeals to their style; and this is coming from someone who likes her classic pieces. What I was drawn to were the following pieces: the resort looks; the 70s pieces; the patterned Ikat-like jacket; and the original accessories in between (the handcrafted floral bags remind me of my visits to the tribes in the north of Thailand, while suede makes a strong case in the totes department). Plus the season bodes well for those who prefer to go heel-less, and with these quirky-shaped sandals, the summer is bound to be anything but flat!

For more photos, check my Instagram on @stefxerri and give us a follow!

Meanwhile, here are the grouped pieces mentioned above:






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