Baroque in the City

Location: Grandmaster’s Palace Courtyard

Having been sidetracked by equally interesting events and posts to write, I had almost forgotten that I still have a couple of outfits I wore during Fashion Week to share with you readers. I know, it’s been a month since the Big Event folded, but you cannot blame me for missing it right? Especially the thrill of getting dressed and fussing over the outfit with bag, shoes and all, including hair and make-up. It may sound stressful to some, but to me it’s a dream! Anyhow, here is what I wore for the International Designers’ Fashion Show that took place at the Grandmaster’s Palace / St George’s Square. I went for a baroque look with my tailored dress and classic black bag. I chose red heels so as to achieve a seamless flow of red but keep it separate from the belt, which created a cinched waist and matched the bag. I liked the fact that I mixed a designer bag with something bespoke. Needless to say the best part was the fact that the dress kept me pretty warm as the event took place outside and it was a tad cold too.

IMG_3694 IMG_3691 IMG_3689 IMG_3686


Outfit details: dress – design and fabric chosen by me, sown by my mother | bag – Chanel | ring & bracelet – River Island | necklace – New Look | Japanese flowers-inspired nails by Elaine at Lustful Beauty | make-up products used : Eva Garden | Hair by Glorianne at Hairology

p.s. excuse lighting conditions for the photos (taken in rather dim conditions under the famed archways of the palace).


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