Thematically oriented, here you will find a selection of my favourites or what catches my eye periodically. From black & white (with touches of grey), to more patterned pieces, such as tribal, ethnic, or printed, this space presents a mini-compendium of items that I think would look good in one’s closet and mostly on many style hunters. It’s not only fashion, but most importantly, style. Style in Transit tries to live up to its name, capturing what styles are moving ahead and becoming part of one’s staple wardrobe items. At other times, there might be some looks that are more fleeting, hence transitory, perhaps even a bit wacky. After all, it’s just clothes but with them you can tell a piece of you and your story!

Theme #1: Black & White (and touches of grey) because obviously… who said you cannot wear black in summer, right?

image1xxl image14xxl image13xxl image11xxl image10xxl image8xxl image7xxl image6xxl image5xxl image4xxl image3xxl image2xxl

All looks from ASOS (different brands feature)

p.s. the black look is dedicated to Ellie Cutajar from

If you are interested in any themes, let me know and I’ll cover them!




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