A day at the Hamptons – #ootd

Location: the Hamptons, New York

Call it collective consciousness or TV influence – I’ve been meaning to visit the Hamptons ever since I can remember. From East Hampton to Southampton, and The End ie Montauk, there’s a long stretch of land that houses some of the most gorgeous buildings, residences, and stores I have laid eyes upon. So much so in fact that this will warrant not one but two posts to celebrate this locale. The first of these posts is what I wore while hopping around the different towns (all the three above). My favourite? I’d say Montauk for its laid-back atmosphere and cool ‘vibez’. What I did was I took a train early morning from Penn Station in Manhattan and that takes a good 3 hours to East Hampton; a couple of hours later I moved on to Southampton, spent a good 3 hours there before heading to Montauk for 4-5 hours with dinner and drinks thrown in for good measure. The best thing of NYC is that the metro doesn’t stop (it’s 24/7) so that meant the last train from Montauk (at 10pm) arrived in Penn at 2am and I was back in my apartment by 3am. Not bad eh?

So for my outfit I decided to mix casual and business together but comfort was key so my white trainers did the job in not getting my feet tired. I chose a skirt as I thought I’d feel warm in jeans and good thing I did as I could have a mini-sunbathing session on the beach in Montauk. I layered a jeans jacket as the weather is unpredictable in New York (so they say, and they are in fact correct) and the AC in the train was a tad too chilly for me.

Outfit details: Jeans jacket – Tally Weijl (Munich) | tee – Rolling Stones by Primark (London) | skirt – Orsay (Malta) | trainers & bag – River Island (Manchester and Malta respectively) | sunnies – Rayban (Bari)

p.s. don’t mind my natural / wavy hair – I decided to give it a break from all the styling during the year :p


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