#ootd post: Flying the Flag in LA’s hotspots

Location: Rodeo Drive and Venice Beach, Los Angeles

What can I say? Los Angeles is fantastic, its sprawl is so huge there are freeways cutting across the city. Walking or relying on public transport? Forget about it – your best bet would be to drive, which was what I did, luckily after consulting some sites online. In this way I got to see so much in a week of exploring the city of angels (plus there was no fretting on waiting for ages for buses, or having to walk endlessly for no reason, and even more importantly having the luxury of a car with AC on some of the warmer afternoons!)

Venice Beach canals

Another reason why I was excited about LA was for the scenic locations that have become part of our collective consciousness whether we care to admit it or not. So, if like me, you grew up on a so-called diet of Hollywood movies and the like set in the glamorous streets of Rodeo Drive (e.g. Pretty Woman anyone?),ย  Beverly Hills (of the eponymous series Beverly Hills 2010), and Venice Beach (more recently the series Californication), then you would be half-enthused to trace the steps of the films and their protagonists. The other half would be because LA is grand, alluring, and fascinating (and much much more). However, before recommending it as a place to go for your choice of destination in the US, I daresay it might not be to everyone’s taste. It can be a tad kitschy at times (like Las Vegas), but to compensate it has loads of cultural places to boot (watch out for an upcoming post on the artsy aspect).

Rodeo Drive

So for this outfit post, I went for something rather ‘patriotic’, ie a tee by Maltese designer Ritienne Zammit that kept me fresh and cool during the day, as did the more neutral denim midi skirt. On this month-long trip in fact I deliberately chose to take with me a number of tees by Maltese designers to ‘showcase’ their talent abroad – on every occasion I got a number of interested glances and some even commented on the tees. So if you want a tee and more by Ritienne have a look at her site (click on her name).

Rodeo Drive 1
Rodeo Drive 2
Venice Beach canals 1
Venice Beach canals 2



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