If you ask me I’m yours by Luke Azzopardi – a masterpiece in fashion performance

Location: Ħaġar Qim Temples

IMG_location & band

Fashion shows in Malta are fast establishing themselves as the place to be for fashionistas, couture admirers, and supporters of local talent. The latest event of such renditions is that by Gozitan designer Luke Azzopardi, who regaled an intimate crowd with his collection evocatively entitled ‘If you ask me, I’m yours’. The skilled artistry of every dress, shirt, skirt, or frock was designed and hand-produced with a discerning eye for materials and detailing, which demonstrates that Azzopardi is not only a designer, but a true artisan and couturier at heart.  

At once statuesque and dauntless, every piece is a work of art in itself and, when seen together, they collude in a spectacular (40-piece strong) collection with many favourites that one may only dream of owning. I was mesmerized by the opulence of the fabrics, the effusive pigments of the gowns, and the precision of the cuts. The red, green, blue, and yellow hues are powerful yet demure, presenting a confident yet ethereal woman.

IMG_reds  IMG_greens IMG_blues IMG_yellows (&black)

The male pieces are clean and moderate on the one hand (left), and regal and ostentatious on the other (right).

IMG_male pieces

Moreover, some designs hark back to the style known as ‘Victoriana’ which is in part characterized by the contrast of lace and black (cue the lace yoke on the black piece worn by Amy Zahra and also by the singer Jorje Bosios).  


What made this event even more memorable was the curated organization. More specifically, the union of 4 elements that so poignantly reinforced Azzopardi’s pieces. The result: when all merged together, there was a heightened creative symbiosis. The ‘supporting cast’ of carefully chosen components were: the historic playground of the Ħaġar Qim temples, a musical rendition in the form of Jorje Bosios’ resonating voice (accompanied by the talented band This.Co), a brilliant poetry reading performance by Maria Theuma, as her words chimed redolently of the elegaic in the Victorian tradition, and dance-like sensuous movements of the models as they stepped out of the temples (kudos to Naupaca Dance Factory for the collaboration).

IMG_whites IMG_lunar motifs






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