In the Sky: from Malibu to Hollywood #ootd

Location: Malibu beach and Griffith Observatory, Hollywood, Los Angeles


As clichéd as it may sound, I’ve always hoped I would get to Los Angeles one day to see the famous Hollywood sign and to visit Malibu, both of which as a result of TV and film culture as mentioned in a previous post. However, what I was pleasantly surprised to find was the Malibu state creek park which was used as a location for various films like Tarzan and a series called M*A*S*H – anyone remembers that?


The park is huge and there are many trails to hike; I trudged through the rough terrain, the very hot climate, and a somewhat long distance to arrive at what remains of the M*A*S*H set to use it as a backdrop for my Parascandalo tee, already featured on this blog (in the Alcatraz post). This time however, it was a completely different atmosphere, as it gets quite stifling and desert-like in the summer, so make sure to stock up on water when hiking! But I was determined to make it to the site, and this also meant leaning against the truck, which as you can imagine was like a furnace to the touch. Now I have an idea of what models and people working in this industry have to endure (not that I am a model, far from it). The upside of this hike is that there are a couple of lakes which you can swim in, which explains why I have a beach lake hair look and had to change my skirt to a dress, and then layer the tee on top.


The second look sports the same black skirt but with a different tee and pair of shoes. This tee is from Parascandalo’s new collection, called In the Sky, so what is more apt than reserving this location for it? At one of the highest points in the city, overlooking LA, this view is breathtaking and gorgeous.

me 2

collage hollywood

collage me

So what do you think of these tees and the locations? Thanks for reading x


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