Wearable art by QUE

Location: 115, St Edward Street, Qormi, Malta

On Friday 25 September I drove to Qormi to visit Enrique Tabone’s newly launched design studio, carrying the almost-eponymous name QUE, which incidentally also means ‘What?’ So to answer that one-word question, or rather, to explore the concept behind QUE, I chatted with the charismatic and striking Enrique, who also worked in interior design before kicking off her business. From the conversation I discovered that her website was set up before the studio and it has already found a niche for itself internationally. So Enrique took the opposite route of many local designers, tempting her fate abroad, before casting her net onto local shores. I call that courage, and maybe, that would garner more interest in the local crowd. The evidence is partly in the well-heeled and eclectic mix of people that gathered for the event to celebrate Enrique’s success, and the other attribute lies in the quirky, playful nature of the brand, which you can see more of in the video produced and available on the site: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wWbVYniwQk

The concept behind the brand are couture designs infused with ‘an element of fantasy’ as well as ‘comfort and utility’. As mentioned on the site, the purpose is for accessories to be ‘wearable art’ and for this reason, the items are limited edition pieces. Another reason is that each piece is made by hand, while processes of ‘fine art techniques and industrial methods’ are used. As mentioned above, QUE has already made its debut abroad, particularly in countries such as the Netherlands and Poland.

Here’s a look at the design studio during the event, but if interested you may visit at the above address in person or check the site online (in the link above)



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