Suspension of disbelief (and an #ootd)

Or ‘What happens in Vegas…’

Ok, so you know you have to say that once, if only because you were literally in Las Vegas, as I happened to be on my US tour this summer. So here goes… What happened in Vegas…is not what you think.

Ok so what’s the point if you don’t gamble, eat till your sides are splitting, or drink your brains out, to go to Vegas at all? Let’s say I did not go for this lethal trifecta of self-destruction. It is also safe to say I felt pity and dismay for those sorry souls who engage in one or all of these nihilistic tendencies. If you consider Vegas in this way it is a sad place for sad losers. BUT, and there is always a but, in this case, a positive one.

I had an amazing time in Vegas, to my surprise. Reason being, I chose to take the magic and kitsch all in, under the veneer of ‘suspension of disbelief’. How else could I enjoy my time there, if not by allowing myself to be fascinated by the extremes and largesse? A long weekend was enough but shockingly I would have stayed on a couple of more days, if I did not have a plane to catch to Frisco. Or I probably would not have, due to the asphyxiating heat.

Vegas by day, and the ‘jellyfish display’ at the Bellagio

So what did I do? First of all, it was too hot to be anywhere except air conditioned premises, which meant walking through wondrous hotel lobbies or having a go at the shopping malls (you have to visit the Fashion Show Mall and the Designer outlet / ‘villages’). However, I could do so much of these – so on Sunday morning it was decided. I went skydiving! Thinking about it, this is scarier and also braver than gambling, but I made it and I am proud (I also have a video to remind myself of my folly bravery).

IMG_5439 IMG_5440

Vegas by night, aka ‘shine bright like a diamond’

Then Sunday eve it was time to glam it up, sort of (the heat was unbearable but you survive) to watch the Cirque de Soleil Beatles show at the Mirage. This was incredible to say the least and I did sneak a couple of photos (with my phone, so sorry for the quality). Anyhow, this is what I wore, my ‘low-hi’ dress I call it, or what I want to wear when I pretend to do gala but keep it relaxed and a bit on the summer side at the same time. The bag does really seem to match and it seems to be doing some rolling in one of the pictures to indicate that, but I only took a couple with me (to save on luggage space), and also, I did not really care – anything goes in Vegas – as long as it was not too outlandish for me. One of the fountains is a replica of the Trevi one in Rome, by the way.

What I wore, i.e. a challenge in staying fresh all evening (the food pic is the post-show dinner, which was Mexican and genuine enough).


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