Back to school ideas…from a different perspective

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If you have come across any ‘Back to School’ posts in relation to fashion and style, it is mostly targeted at college and university students who need to stock up for the upcoming academic year. What about the teachers, lecturers, and administrative staff? Don’t they need to look and feel good about themselves too? Or is the image of a teacher someone who is dowdy, bookish, and too immersed in lesson preparation and marking to bother about styling?

Think again, because as someone in that position, I give due diligence to what I wear everyday, because we engage in making our first impressions based on image perception, whether we want to or not. It does not mean you are superficial or shallow if you care about how you look, and many are those who have been working hard to improve people’s perception of fashion. I recently came across some videos by Alexa Chung who is working on showing all the hard work and commitment that goes into this million-dollar industry. Not so shallow now is it? Anyway, to get back to my Styleboard theme, I am focusing on giving some ideas of key elements that are good to have in one’s wardrobe, so that even a 5-minute outfit of the day can look polished, stylish, and work-appropriate.


ASOS (satchel selection)

Boohoo (for the younger teachers maybe; prices are very affordable)

F&F, which also offers very reasonably-priced items

And finally for a ‘maturer’ crowd, I thought I would look for more conservative pieces though they are stylish nonetheless, and these are from George:

Don’t forget to click on the individual pieces for close-up. Let me know if you want any more details or ideas for styling in a similar vein 🙂

p.s. This is not a sponsored post x


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