Sale-ing it on ASOS

In Styleboard

…Or, what I would buy from the ASOS sale if I had an open spending account.

This time round, I have focused my attention on some items I would add to my recently edited wardrobe collection (if I weren’t saving for future trips abroad). These pieces, and many many more, are on sale at the moment. I have selected items that are between 20-60 dollars/euro and some (the coats especially) that do not go beyond the 150 dollar mark, otherwise it would not be such a steal, right? The best part of these tops, shoes, bags, and jackets/coats is that they are classic and rather timeless in cut and design, seem to be of good quality, and are versatile so you can style them in various ways. Some are admittedly trend-driven, with the upside that you would not have parted with a load of cash if they go out of style. Have a look at the gallery and hover over the images to see which is the sale item (in some cases it might not be clear), and to read my comments 🙂

p.s. This is not a sponsored post, but I do believe ASOS offers one of the best selections, as well as many sales throughout the year.

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