Down on the West Coast…

So I realised that this is probably my last outfit post set in California, which warrants that I had to make a reference to Lana Del Rey’s eponymous tune. As you can tell from the deluge of posts on the US, you will deduce one of two things: either that I am obsessed with this continent, or that I have accumulated so much material that it would almost, to my mind, be a crime not to share. It is in fact a bit of both.

I went for a balance between travel, lifestyle, and obviously fashion, because where else if not? My Instagram account paints a similar (and hopefully) equally pretty picture of my floating around carousing my love-love relationship (how can there be hate?) with the US. Sorry, not sorry, if you perceive the land of all things fashion as something more devious. You have my deepest, but not wholesome, sympathies. I believe that the lifestyle in the West Coast is among the best there is (barring the microclimate of San Francisco, that is). Ok, so I love good weather, and the beach, and the Instagram-friendly ‘hoods that force you to fall in love with one and forget the other. Moving on…

As you may recall from earlier posts, I packed in my suitcase (which I lived out of for a month, mind you) two tees by Maltese designer Ritienne Zammit and here for this post I have collated together the looks with the most awesome backdrops I have managed to find up to now in the #OOTD category.

garden garden 2

First up is San Francisco on a muggy cool day which incidentally helped contrast the botanical building’s whiteness against the grey. Speaking of the outfit, on the other hand, I went for of my Levi’s jeans and white sneakers (which are sadly white no more after all that travelling and hiking around that came later on). I feel that you do not really need to add much to the tee as it already does all the work for you. However, I had to wear it for a more fashion-related event, I could think of a couple of more interesting and daring looks, such as skirts and pants of different textures, and why not, a blazer?

yosemite 2 yosemite

This is probably where I ruined my white sneakers, at Yosemite, that is, where the most strenuous but rewarding hiking took place. Here, the second tee was complemented with my H&M culottes I got from New York during the same trip. As it got warmer in Yosemite I realised that I had no choice but to ditch the longer denim. Yosemite is one of the best places to spend a couple of quiet days (or a week!) immersed in nature. I made it to the top, I went mule-riding, and I also swam in the lake which was so refreshing. The best part of the tee? It kept me cool all day! By the way, an important tip when to travel to the park: rent a car, ditch the bus tours that take hours to drive and not enough time to enjoy the views, stay a couple of nights in a cabin like I did, and stock up on food and drinks before entering the park (restaurants close very early, there is quite the distance to get there, and once you enter the park it is a hassle to exit and reenter, because on entering you have to wait in a queue so I imagine doing that again would be a waste of time).


Last but not least, the third and similarly stunning location was the Getty Villa in Los Angeles (info: get here preferably by car, and book the tickets online beforehand; entrance is free but parking costs $15 – it is worth it however as you can use same-day parking to visit the Getty Museum not too far off). This impressive villa was an ideal setting for my second tee (the first tee was featured before in the Rodeo Drive and Venice Beach areas). This time I chose a more formal skirt (to be more put-together) which I counterbalanced with my comfortable Converse, a must when walking A LOT (though having the car helps your tired legs considerably).

Hope you enjoyed my style/travel ramble and though this is it for outfit posts in the US, I might still have a couple more posts with other interesting takes.


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