An Oasis of fun: new season, fresh look!

It is almost impossible to find an oasis of peace in the frantic city of Sliema and its shopping frenzy. Aside from being almost a miracle to find a parking spot, the throng of people who descend upon the shops and cafes everyday is sometimes beyond belief. Yet I guess we wouldn’t have it any other way, right? Post-shopping hours, the initial wave of activity subsides and the streets heave a sigh of relief, giving way to some peace. This makes it an ideal time for in-store events, such as the one a number of lucky shoppers were treated to last Thursday (15 October, between 7-10pm).

Oasis – the store – has reopened its doors to welcome shoppers to a new season of clothes but in a revamped and very fresh look. The array of colours, shapes, and designs befits the black-and-white backdrop and vice versa. As a group of people, myself included, arrived for the relaunch, I was pleasantly surprised with the outpouring of shoppers who filled up every corner and aisle of the shop, trying on the recent additions, getting style advice from fellow blogger Mariel (read her blog Former Size 6), and also getting their hair treated by a hair stylist courtesy of TRESemmé. I would say it was an Oasis of fun and enjoyable activity, for all present. Add to that some treats washed down with delicious spumante, it was the perfect way to end a very long day at work. Have a look at the gallery…


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