Mulberry, meet Stan – #ootd

At the end of a 4-day conference held at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, my feet needed a rest from the heels and the stairs. That came in the shape of my new – and still-white, for now- Stan Smiths which I felt would make for a particular complement to my jeans-shirt-and-blazer combo. I repurposed my Levis skinny jeans, which are still in very good shape considering I had got them from my first trip to New York, when skinnies were all the rage. My idea is that if something fits well and is in a presentable condition, then why discard it just because other styles are more ‘in’? I mean, I have bootcut, straight, and flared jeans, don’t get me wrong, but this pair fits like a glove without looking too revealing. Plus it is a sign that my weight management is working, considering I was lighter when I got these (and now still am!). Some final touches to the outfit…I thought it would look complete with the snood I had received from Orsay during the launch of their new store (thank you for the gift), and of course my trusty Mulberry which is practical for events such as the above, as I needed to pack essentials to last me a day of conferencing.

photo 2

Location of photos: Mdina (to celebrate the end of the conference, we drove off for lunch at Mdina; it was a such a lovely sunny day!)


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