Belle Art Défilé – Pink Fashion Show

Location: Palazzo de Piro, Mdina | Event: Pink Fashion Show, November edition
Right now Malta is enjoying another shot of warm weather, or what we call an Indian Summer, which was a most pleasant accompaniment to the November edition of the Pink Fashion Show. This is the one of the shows I look forward to due to the luxurious materials, rich hues, and ample selection of pieces enough to adorn fashion lovers’ winter wardrobe. Moreover, with Christmas round the corner, it is appropriate to stock up on some glamorous gowns and separates which so many eclectic brands offer in a range of styles that cater for different tastes and budgets. Some recognisable brands from past Pink show editions made an appearance, such as Guess, River Island, LiuJo, and Stradivarius. However, the showstoppers of the night were Saz Mifsud and Carla Grima Atelier, two Maltese designers with talent to last for days.The contrast between Saz and Carla is quite palpable; the former regaled us with kaftans and gowns that burst into a kaleidoscope of colour amid the louche fabrics that give way to well-executed garments, while Carla’s collection exudes class and sophistication while retaining a minimalist and demure touch. What was special was not only their contribution and their wondrous designs, but also the fact that for the first time the Pink show extended its catwalk to local names. Kudos to the organisers.
Saz Mifsud: golden and sea-inspired hues
Saz Mifsud: grey and lilac, a perfect combination
Carla Grima Atelier: a lesson in elegance
Of renown for their popularity on the Maltese Islands, Furla and Bata also showcased a top-notch range of bags and shoes respectively, enough to make one’s wardrobe look bare without. Together with Furla, a relatively new name on the scene, Joseph Ribkoff, opened the show. Ribkoff’s dresses are elegant and perfect for occasions such as dinner parties and work-related functions.
Furla & Ribkoff
Joseph Ribkoff and Furla
River Island: favourite pieces were the outerwear jackets and capes, together with the leather pants and skirt
LiuJo: classic and contemporary at the same time
Guess: the standout pieces were the black pieces clashing against the patterned reds
Calvin Klein Jeans: black and leather were the order of the day
Bata: you cannot go wrong with a pair of boots or brogues from this collection
Stradivarius: the velvet blazer and the greys are set to be interesting additions this season
One cannot not mention the location which pushed up the bar of the event to the highest standards. The perfect venue was Palazzo de Piro, situated in Mdina (ex-capital city and now known as the Silent City). Loft provided the installations for the models’ tableaux during the show, so that it was presented in a totally different format albeit very unusual, entertaining, and interesting.
In collaboration with The Times of Malta (and Infinitely Xara for this particular show), the Pink Fashion Show has by now become THE event that marks the beginning of the fashion season and is not one to be missed in the events calendar. Run by Marisa Grima and her Supernova Modelling Agency, one knows that it is bound to be a prime show. For this and more reasons, I am so thankful to have attended all of the shows since inception.
This event was also supported by Chemimart, Franks (with Guerlain), Renault (Kind’s), The Dance Studio Kappara, Olympea, LOFT Malta, Screen Haircare, and VIP Malta with 88 Rue du Rhone. The latter was launched and presented prior to the show as the attendees learnt about this Swiss-made brand of luxury watches that double as a fashion statement and a top quality piece. The collection offers 60% of its products for men and 40% for women.
Rue de Rhone
Once again, well done to all for the fantastic show! Hope to see you at the next one!



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