Wishlist: Christmas edition

As the Christmas season is fast approaching, it seems fitting to include a ‘wishlist’ in this section. The pieces featured here would, I believe, make lovely additions to my accessories department. I chose to focus on these rather than clothes because of their classic quality and, as the latter trumps quantity, I decided to stick to a very few items that I am coveting right now and that I know would definitely be put to good use.

Need: iPhone 6: this is a ‘need’ rather than a ‘want’ because it is seriously time to upgrade. My patience at the slowness of my current mobile (which I still am very much attached to, mind you) is wearing thin, plus it is always a good idea to have some sharp technology.


Want: a Daniel Wellington watch – this is more of a ‘want’ than a ‘need’ because I am pleased with the watch collection. However, it would boost the latter to add one of these minimalist pieces, which also doubles as über-stylish arm candy. The only downside is that it is as though they are being worn by many people at the moment so I am not quite sure whether they are a passing fad. I do believe that they exude a timeless look and I can see myself wearing it for many years to come, no matter the trend or people’s choice. What do you think?


Need: a Charles and Ron bag – I placed this luxury item on the ‘need’ list because I believe that if there is one bag I would want to invest in,it is one of these classic yet on-point pieces that would make any outfit ten times better, despite the passing trends. Moreover, it is a homegrown brand which everyone in Malta in the fashion industry (and hopefully beyond) respects and covets, as do I. It is not about the brand only, however, but about outstanding quality and design that will assuredly see me through many fashion seasons.

Want: Adidas originals – on one of my recent trips abroad I was on the lookout for this specific pair of originals, and I scoured a couple of stores only to leave empty-handed – it was surprisingly difficult to come across them. I did, however, get myself a pair of Stan Smiths, which I thought was not bad considering that these are less ubiquitous than its black-striped counterpart. That is why I placed it on the ‘want’ list, because until I finally find a pair for myself, I can fall back on the ones I have. Like the DW watches, I also have my reservations on the originals being a craze of the moment, but then again they are versatile and can, unlike many other sports shoes, elevate or add an interesting twist to most outfits.


Need: Quality time – last but not least, I have added this to the list because I cannot take this luxury for granted or as a given as before. With all the things and commitments I have to see to on a daily basis, there are hardly any opportunities for non-rushed quality time with family and friends. I think this is the best present one can give and it is free (sort of). Come Christmas period (and holidays for me!) I plan to make the most out of the time I have, not only to get the necessary work done (that is a must after all) but also to have some more downtime to catch up with people and maybe to read a good book too!

What is on your Christmas wishlist?

A final note: this is a wishlist so, similar to window-shopping, it does not necessarily translate into having any of the above drop into my lap easily. I will not feel miserable either if the list does not materialize, after all they are only material things, right? However, if there is any one out there who is feeling particularly generous and would like to reward my hard work and perseverance during what has been quite a challenging year, then I would be more than happy to receive any of the first four :p

p.s. Probably to those who have one, two, or all of the above, this list seems drab and boring, for why would a wishlist be made up of pieces that everyone seems to have? To me, however, they are anything but that. The reason why I have not got my hands on these yet is that I have held back to save on other expenses (including long-haul travel), which many would consider more important anyway (have a look in the travel section to see what I mean).


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