Asia Major – street wear #2

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Medley of photos from Pinterest, which explains the perfection alas!

The Asian takeover. Not take-way. Although there is quite a lot to take away…in terms of style, inspiration, and creativity. Today’s feature on street wear focuses on the emerging and arresting looks created by the Koreans, Japanese, Singaporeans, Thais and other Asian denominations. These looks can be best savoured by traveling to one of these countries or all, as I did (see here, here, and here). Or why not take a leaf out of how the Asian natives do it in the US?

We have cultivated the habit of looking to the French in a bid to emulate the je ne sais quois?! attitude, the effortless effort put into dressing. However, if you want to standout, in a good but quirky way, look further to Asia, or get a slice of it in the US, without going too Gangnam Style (remember that hit dance tune?)

So back to the US…San Francisco and Boston are both home to a large Asian community – the ascent of many of them in the fashion world may be unnoticed to some but it has been building up. Why is this the case? Asia minor? More like Asia Major – a moment/lesson in ‘My Style. My Rules. My Fashion*.’ which means it is putting the ‘you’ in the equation: what is your style? Do you adhere to any rules? Or should there be rules to begin with? So what is fashion for you? The individuality, creativity, freedom, and FUN that Asians have with fashion is unlike others; ergo, we may be too rigid in the way we dress, lest we are judged by others. For the Asians, on the other hand, it is a fashion show (most days). Trifecta*. Triple Whammy. Perfect Jammy.

There is however a slight distinction between the Asian style on the home turf and that in the US. The latter seems to be more pared down, minimalist, with cleaner lines. This is possibly a contrast to the celebration of colour and shapes back in Seoul and Tokyo (just compare Tokyo Fashion Week to others and you will see it is in a class of its own). So here I present both, some examples of ‘how they wore it’ in the two US cities mentioned above (I actually added one for the preview from the Japan album, because I think kimonos are amazing). I also created a mini slideshow (above) of Seoul/Tokyo style, to pique your interest before you read and to balance out my voice over after ;p

My photos (1-2 San Francisco; 3-7 Harvard, Boston; preview photo – Tokyo)




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