The comforter // #ootd

We take comfort in the knowledge that the sun will rise another day, that the storm will subside eventually, and let us move on. Plans were not shackled on Saturday past, despite the ghastly weather threatening a dampener on our best-laid plans, which as we know sometimes go awry, as pointed out by Robert Burns and John Steinbeck.


Thankfully, I managed to see to my plans, which were to visit the Christmas artisanal market combined with meeting up with my younger sister who I had not seen in ages (funny isn’t it considering we live on such a small island?). She also unwittingly doubled up as my partner-in-crime, as I traipsed around the terrace while she snapped away. Here are the results amid the fluster of not having ideal lighting and the occasional gusts of wind…

For this outfit, I opted for comfort as the underlying principle (lots of standing and walking around was envisaged) so this translated into the following items: my trusty black denims and knee-high boots (for warmth); my oversized grey speckled coat (to add a bit of the smart factor), which I threw over a polo neck in a rusty hue, one of the latest additions in the crew neck / sweater family (for some colour of course). To top off the outfit, I thought my artisanal leather handbag (which was and still is a beloved gift all the way from Austria) would chime in with the event as I am all for the promotion of bespoke handmade products. What is your typical ‘comfort’ outfit like?


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