Let’s Hygge! – a Skagen event

Location: Sunlab, The Point, Sliema

skagen 3

My first encounter with Scandinavia dates to a trip in the über-stylish Stockholm, as well as going around the nearby city of Uppsala, and the home of Vermeer, Delft. Up until now, however, I have never had the pleasure of visiting Denmark, except for a taste of it in series such as Forbrydelsen and Borgen (during which time I also grew to love the Danish language). Another taste of the Danish culture and people comes in the form of the brand Skagen, which is incidentally the name of a seaside village located at at point where the North and Baltic Sea merge. Looking at the aesthetic behind the watches and jewellery, which have now pride of place also at Sunlab, it makes sense why this name was chosen. If anything, for the unassuming simplicity of its origins, which blends well with the class and sophistication the Danes are renowned for.


Admittedly, it is very difficult to break through the watch market nowadays, what with so many designers branching off into wristwear; however, something tells me that Skagen will fast become a favourite among many people I know. Founded in 1989, it has since built momentum thanks to the pieces’ functionality and quality. Despite stripping away the elaboration that some watches are associated with, it more than compensates by presenting a clean and minimalist design, one that is both innovative and contemporary. It reflects the resilience and nautical elements of the village from which its name is derived, while it also emanates the warmth and unpretentious nature of the people.

To celebrate this warmth and the gorgeous collection, Sunlab organized an event related to the concept of Hygge (pronounced ‘hooga’) which stands for “coziness”, particularly spending time with loved ones and enjoying good food. With Christmas round the corner it seemed an apt moment for this event to take place, as this period is a perfect example of hygge. It might also be part of the reason that Danes and other Scandinavians rank at the top on happiness among other things!

To conclude, here’s a thought: why not show some hygge by gifting your loved ones a Skagen piece, be it a watch or an item of jewellery? Skagen.com can also be located in 80 countries worldwide and if that weren’t enough, you can also find leather accessories and gifts for the home.

Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored and views are entirely my own. However, I would like to thank Sunlab for inviting me to the event.

p.s. The images of Skagen are from Pinterest, however, I would love to visit Denmark and Skagen one day if only to be able to take my own photos, as I normally do.

 Tak for læsning! (thank you for reading!)



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