C&R opens flagship store in Valletta


The brand Charles & Ron defines itself as contemporary* and offers high-end wearable clothing (including bags). As the products are made in Malta, a distinct Mediterranean flair endows the pieces, which in turn pay homage to the culture and architecture that are both so intrinsic to this tiny republic. Committed to provide the best materials in terms of style and quality to a loyal but budding clientele, C&R has now opened its flagship store in Valletta, which cannot be any more apt considering that one of the collections has a special connection to the capital city. This addition to the brand marks an important milestone and joins the ranks of the stylish boutique that had opened in the village of Attard two years prior.



Enjoying a prime location (in front of St George’s Square), locals and tourists alike can delight in viewing the pieces in the Valletta store that have been part of a number of runway shows, including in New York. This is why every item of clothing has a story to tell and is sure to add some kick to any bona fide style seeker. Of course C&R is also known for its luxurious handbags and scarves, but venturing into the world of denim is the welcome surprise for many fans of the brand. Why not have a look for yourself and get a Christmas present out of it?


*Words/phrases in italics have been added from the C&R website to reflect their design concept.

p.s. If you like what you see here but you are not based in Malta, why not visit their website linked here ?

















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