Have a Nasty Gal New Year!

Fed up of the traditional Christmas looks or restricted by what is left over in stores? Are you looking for an understated but stunning piece to wow the crowds or whoever will be with you on New Year’s Eve? Then why not head over to Nasty Gal and take your pick there? 

I had heard about Nasty Gal some time ago but I really became interested in this business/website/online store when during a trip to Boston I came across Sophia Amoruso’s book #girlboss in one of the bookstores. I have to say her journey, which made her what she is today, captivated me and so I decided to scour the website to see what type of stock is on offer. The first thing that I liked was that it is very well-organized and you do not end up spending countless hours looking for something; another plus is that most of the wares are not your usual high-street style (even though you can definitely pull of streetstyle!), bar those pieces that are trend-driven. This means that one can wear a garment for quite a while beyond the ‘expiry date’ of many clothes out there nowadays. So here is just a tiny selection that I have organised according to style. 

1. If you’re into the traditional black look then consider the following pieces:


2. If you prefer the red look (for good luck or so they say)


3. If you’re into metallics or sequins here are some glamorous dresses and a jumpsuit too – after all it’s New Year celebrations so there’s nothing wrong with some sparkle, right?


4. Next up are 3 choices for the inner fashionista in you, or if your crowd tends to be more into fashion than into mince pies ;p 


5. Finally, amp up your game with the help of some accessories if your prefer keeping your look minimal.

All the best to my readers for the New Year!


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