Best of 2015: celebrating style, fashion, and travel

Happy New Year to all readers of Style in Transit!

As the very first post of this year, I thought I would summarise the best of 2015, both in light of the more reflective if sombre previous post as well as to express gratitude and appreciation for having had a good year, despite the trials and tribulations. So without further ado, here are the best moments of 2015 that the blog has shared with you too!

Press (related to fashion and travel): I have had 2 articles published in Destinations magazine on travel and another 2 published for Pavli magazine (on fashion and street style). I was also pleased to have an article published in the Sunday Circle, a local magazine, on street style. Additionally I have collaborated with another blogger, Mariel Sacco (Former Size 6) on a series she ran entitled Signature Style where I answered questions on what defines my style.



Feb article 1

Fashion: I have attended countless events but the highlight was attending Malta Fashion Week and Awards for the 2nd time. Being able to juggle all the commitments with attending all of the events and succeeding in blogging everyday on all of them paid off…as a result I was so enthused to see that snippets from my posts were published on the MFWA website during the week. Other events included other fashion shows (such as attending 2 Pink Fashion shows), local designers’ shows (such as Ritienne Zammit’s fashion/art installation event and Luke Azzopardi’s If You Ask Me I’m Yours fashion show at Δ¦aΔ‘ar Qim), and launches or in-store events. A special shout-out to all the designers, brands and stores that have cordially extended their invitation to Style in Transit!

IMG_3275_Ritienne 1

IMG_3432_Jola 1IMG_greens


Travel: Apart from spending a month in the US as I have already mentioned, I also travelled to Italy and some places in the UK. One of the places I visited was Manchester to give a talk as part of a conference related to English language teaching. I am pleased to say that in 2016 I will be repeating this experience to give a talk, and this time it will be in Birmingham. For the US trip (which was incredible needless to say) I started from New York and then onwards to Boston; crossed the coast to Las Vegas and then from there travelled along the West coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles (and Yosemite in between). America has proved a great place to travel and I hope I will have the opportunity to travel there soon πŸ˜‰ I have also started a mini-series (with a post once a month) entitled #throwbackthursday, which takes readers back to one of the many places I have visited over the years; I hope to continue with this tradition so keep an eye out for more!





Street style: While in the US I have once again ventured into the area of street style (as seen on this blog and in one of the press articles mentioned). I have plenty of material that I have yet to share with you on this platform so stay tuned for more street style stories.




Personal outfit of the day posts: as this blog turned 2 in 2015 I thought it was high time to include some outfit of the day posts here (and elsewhere on Instagram too); I do not feel as photogenic but there a few opportunities have presented themselves to snap away what I was wearing on certain days. I hope I will be able to do more of that in 2016 (though with less shopping, as mentioned in the previous post, and instead re-purposing what I have in my wardrobe – I have been interested in a capsule wardrobe for a while now and my collection looks more edited and ‘cleaner’ than it has ever been).


photo 2

me 2

de young2







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