Style tribute to David Bowie

The music world has been rocked upon hearing about the death of David Bowie. The loss is taken to heart partly because of the fond memories listening to his music evokes, and partly because of his iconic status.

His legendary influences can not only be remarked in the musical sphere. If millennials think that glam rock and androgyny were new ways of styling circa 2013-14, then think again. Reason being that these two styles are associated with the flamboyant alter ego Bowie that created in the 80s, that is, Ziggy Stardust. If that decade did not give us anything but horrendous fashion, at least we more than compensated for it by way of great music and iconic legends that dreams are made of. Creating a cult is not easy nowadays and that is why in musical terms as well as in fashion, we do not reinvent the wheel so much as refresh and adapt it to our times, while being anchored in and commemorating the past. Welcome to the age of the (post)-simulacrum.

So in this post I thought of paying a style-inspired homage to Bowie, and the cult and legacy that he leaves behind. I tried to locate Bowie-inspired pieces and I think I managed to do so via Nasty Gal, as I believe that their offerings celebrate individuality, originality and a healthy dose of quirkiness that together embody the ideas of glam rock and androgyny mentioned above. The last thing that we can say is thank you and RIP David Bowie! The legend lives on…

Here are my picks: 1. keep it rocking with a moto jacket and the Bowie tee (I predict this tee will sell well); 2. play on the androgyny with the clean tux and / or jumpsuits looks; 3. amp it up with embellished blazer or keep it feminine with a tied-up shirt; 4. in case of the Ziggy Stardust blues opt for a psychedelic woolen knitted (lurex) one-piece or a relaxed sequins combo; 5. finally, finish off your look with some interesting footwear and bags (the rocket-shaped bag is definitely Bowie-inspired).

NB : featured image from retrospective exhibition ‘David Bowie Is’



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