Dress to stand out – street wear #3

Location: Columbia University

As you may recall from previous posts on street style, I kept myself busy on my trip to the States apart from the usual sightseeing and lounging in cafés. I had a couple of hours to kill on the campus of Columbia University and so traipsed along the grounds for some eye catching clothing. I spotted Irina and soon after we got chatting about her, and her story. She hails from Eastern Europe but has for some time been living her dream in New York, working as a professional model and dancer. On getting dressed, she commented that she likes mixing high-end fashion (such as her bag by Badgley Mischka) and high street store pieces. Her attention to detail is evident but the overall look she pulls off looks effortless and not contrived. It was the combination of these elements that helped her to stand out from the crowd so I knew I had to approach her and here is the result…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tips to stand out but look effortless nonetheless…

1. Choose 1 or at most 2 standout pieces (as long as they do not clash or create too much ‘noise’ in the outfit) and keep everything else basic or neutral;

2. Invest in good quality basics / neutrals that will help you look polished; effortless does not mean slouchy or like you do not care at all;

3. When in doubt, wear a hat; a structured one is even better but ensure the fit is right. I would love to find the right fit but most hats fit me big (I cannot stand one-sized ones, can you?), so alas I am yet to get on the hat bandwagon.


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