Inspired by…Fargo

Set in the 70s in Minnesota, North and South Dakota (including the town of Fargo), Season 2 is a total gut-wrencher and episode-turner. I would say it is even better than the 1st season (which was based on the film of the same name) for several reasons, though this is entirely based on my views. First off, the character development is wider here and the plot lines are deftly and intricately woven. There are many details to observe in order to make sense of the bigger picture (I love honing in on details!), and to tie it all up neatly are the editing and filming methods, bringing in some flashback moments for good measure. Another reason why I enjoyed Fargo immensely is a style angle, which is also why I am writing this, in case you had not guessed. From what I have already mentioned (i.e. that it is based in the 70s) there is an indication that it is going to be interesting fashion-wise. However, it is the intelligent choice of pieces and colours that resound, and if you are careful you will notice an overlap of colours and motifs in the clothing; the fashion choices seem to have been studied very carefully. So here is an overview of the pieces that have emerged as central to the series, and below is my mini-analysis of how film and tv are influencing fashion (or could it be the other way round?)

Cue in: interesting coats (with a fur collar or with tailored details); multicoloured jumpers and sweaters; quirky prints, jumpsuits and berets
Mixing patterns, materials, and colour palettes: the show-stopper coat; the aubergine suit; the suede, and tasseled details; the flannel shirt (back in business it seems)

This brings me to my selections (which you can find on ASOS and ASOS marketplace)…

  1. Try a coloured suit (both for males and females);
  2. Change up your leather jacket to include burgundy hues;
  3. Keep your hands warm while injecting some colour with a pair of sophisticated gloves;
  4. Go total 70s with ribbed striped polos, brushed suede and colour-blocking suits;
  5. In warmer temps, throw on a kaftan dress and you are good to go;
  6. Faux fur and rust-coloured coat? A match made in Fargo;
  7. Steal some flannel from the boys or hunt for some vintage pieces (alert: Zara in Sliema have brought some flannel shirts in red and green and their texture is really soft and should keep you toasty (under a coat most probably for now);
  8. Don’t forget to top the look (and keep warm in the process) by adding a beret, a wool one preferably – no pun intended!




What is your style inspiration? Would you be interested in more style comparisons with tv series? Let me know!


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