Leather & Lace #ootd

Alternatively called soft grunge…

The location

A while ago – before the end of the year – I attended one of the store events by Sunlab held in December and as I dropped off a friend of mine, we decided to take a few minutes to record the outfit I was wearing (thank you Mariel for the patience!). As apt as it may sound, we chose the lace shop as a backdrop while trying to play around with the lighting (which was not as optimal as it was evening) but the garage added to the ‘grunge’ look, sort of.


The Story

So I thought I had packed it in, the lace dress, that is. On account of it being purchased a few years ago and for being under the impression that this number was not really part of my style revamp of late, I had stowed it away. Then it seemed that the little lace dress had a mini-resurgence so I tried locating it. When I did, I decided to style it differently – if I was going to wear it, the only option would be to rehash the look, totally. I was not going to wear it with dainty heels and a wool coat as I had probably done a few years back. Otherwise there would be no change, and change is good, right?


The Look

I opted for the leather jacket (from H&M, Munich) and my minted ankle boots from Zara (Sliema) which I am wearing to bits! Apparently they have restocked this pair which is super comfortable and versatile (it does not shorten the legs like other ankle boots might do, especially if you are on the shorter side like I am).

So what do you think? Shall we call it soft grunge? By the way, I have also changed my hair colour the meantime which is now slightly darker. I think, however, it adds a pop of colour, together with my lipstick (Eva Garden) to an otherwise all-black ensemble.





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