Inspired by…The Royal Tenenbaums

The concept of ‘quirky’ has changed over time. From being associated with nerdish tendencies, it has now evolved into a state of mind, an ownership of an intentional outlandishness that translates into an ineffable je ne sais quoi that is more ‘in your face’ than that of the French but still insouciant, to the point of being blasé (one is a rather extreme of another).

I would say it is also more like an ‘I don’t care what you think about me’ or something along those lines. Something like the Royal Tenenbaums, minus the frown. And the eagle. And the crossed hands. On second thoughts, let them stay. They’re the Manolos to your Carrie, or the furry creatures to your off-duty models, or the labels to style devotees during fashion marathons: i.e. accessories, accoutrements or additional valuables. Excellent things come in threes. In the case of the RTs, make that 10, for every character in the movie has a style which one can quasi-imitate, courtesy of (one of) Lacoste’s latest collection(s) (though latest I know means next week in fashion speak). Aware that this might already by passé but, bearing in mind common mortals who take life one style game-changer at a time, I guess we can make an affordance here.

Brief over. Here are the sartorial inspirations in photographic form…


The inspiration (above), aka the tracksuit, the fringed jacket, the suede on suede (and multicolours), the rose suit, and that Margot dress. Mismatched? Totally. Odd-looking? Definitely. Just weird beyond the slap? Ditto. I warned you, though, it’s a total clustermud (you know what I mean). Hence, the cleaned-up transmogrification into…

The New Tenebaums – where it’s difficult to decide which you would want to be (Me? I’d pick that rich blue look and that long camel coat any time, though I’d be partial to the striped dress too).

Image credits: Pinterest and Google Images


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