Wear this…Leandra Medine recommends!

Ms Leandra recommends…

Yesterday I came across yet another inspirational / aspirational post by the great Man Repeller blog/website/business – what is it not really? The title was an unassuming ‘Going on a Date? Wear this’ penned by none other than the originator of MR, Leandra Medine. So for an outfit idea I channelled the day date look with items I had from my wardrobe. That’s right, the best thing you can do is ‘shop your own wardrobe’ because you probably have very similar-looking items (well, minus the labels and the price tags if you do not want to splurge that much).


If you think about it, you will notice that you do not need to make too much of an effort to look good (basic grooming makes you look polished). Yet, you may feel you have been wearing the same things because you have always paired them with the same pieces and that, my friend, is pure and simple repetition. So you may easily revamp said pieces you own by (re)acquainting them with ones you would not usually think, of with a bit of creativity and help from the above gurus.

For instance, it took me not more than 5 minutes to get dressed with the following combination of items, not because I had planned it, but because subconsciously that image of Ms Medine stuck. Sometimes I wonder how my memory works, remembering certain things rather than others?!?!

Item Culprit no. 1 – The striped tee: now considered not only a classic but also a neutral that really goes with everything (even with leopard print!)


Culprit no. 2 – The black denim, which was meant to be a black pant (but I just grabbed the former in mid-darkness, and felt it more appropriate for beach breakfast)


Culprit no. 3 – The denim collarless jacket (well it may have a collar but was more comfortable like this for layering)

Culprit no. 4 – The faux fur vest (it was warm really, unlike New York city, but this piece ensured I was still covered in case of breeze, and let’s face it, we’re still in that unpredictable weather phase, plus the layers underneath were not as warm anyway)


Culprit no. 5 – Finishing touches: ‘Cowboy’-wrapped silk-like scarf, high-top blue Converse, and my reworked Fossil watch (change of strap really, and it’s good as new!)


p.s. Probably I am more like Amelia though 😉


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