Statement pieces: 1 for every day of the month

Whether it is for a special occasion, a fashion-related event, or a typical day out running errands or meeting people, SheIn has you covered…the possibilities are endless so I have narrowed down the search to key items of interest, pieces that are trending au courant, and others that have “statement” written all over them.


It’s in the design: 1. Want a more work-appropriate skirt but with some fun in it? Choose this black high-waisted midi-like skirt with quasi-military detailing; 2. Lace-up heels are everywhere these days, but now they have upgraded to laser-cut designs so here is one such pair to dress up any look; 3. Eyelet dresses have picked up some ground in 2015 and coupled with flared sleeves gives this one a rather bohemian look without too much exposure; 4. Graphic tees are not so muchΒ de rigueur this season but this graphic print in blouse style would look good on denim (plus blouses are back in business; incidentally this piece would make for a good office look paired with a velvet skirt, not too long though so you do not look mumsy); 5. This satchel reminds me of those vintage-looking biscuit / Oxo boxes, which makes for a good conversation starter and adds mucho colour to an otherwise monochromatic outfit.

Colours collage

Colour-blocking heaven – If you’re into colour but do not want to exaggerate here are some suggestions in the overcoat department that you can easily slide over your neutral look (such as all black, all grey, all beige/cream): 6. The patterned coat with some colour-blocking going on has been spotted by a number of fashionistas making huge strides in the blogging world, so join their sartorial ranks by donning this piece; 7. If you like your fuzzy oversized coats and are into embellishments then opt for this (mustard camel) one; 8. Alternatively take a leaf out of the gentleman’s dressing (courtesy of Men’s Fashion Week – read here) by choosing velvet in burgundy; 9. If you are still interested in geometric shapes and are partial to orange hints of colour then snuggle up in this open cardi; 10. Add some colour to your bag such as this fun-looking top-handle option.

dainty jackets

The dainty jacket or…ideal if you’re not stuck in some polar freeze right now (p.s. you can totally wear this here in Malta!): 11. Remember the famous Ikat jacket? Well it seems that you can find iterations of it and I would wear them as suggested above or as a more colourful replacement to your darker blazer, so here’s the first one in tribal print; 12. A sportier option, the mix of red and grey works well (better than red and black, though many are pleased that these two colours can co-exist harmoniously once again); 13. Like your sequins but don’t want to go over the top? With this piece, you can dare to dazzle in daylight (and no, I did not plan any alliteration there, it just happened); 14. Lastly, the rocker gal can add this cropped version to her wardrobe knowing it will take here from concert to college (or vice versa).

Green collage

Green with envyΒ  – before we get fed up with this obsession for anything green/khaki/military-style colours, we have the opportunity to wear it out this season (though frankly my love for these colours dates back to August when I was in Las Vegas Fashion Mall and it was already out for the hunt): 15. The bomber jacket, what’s there to say? Green + bomber = boom, instant must-have; 16. Prefer something girlier? Go for pleats (wear with panache 70s style as seen with the ribbed multi-coloured roll neck) but choose green over the ubiquitous black; 17. Ok so I threw you a curveball here in the form of this tan backpack (to diffuse the green really) which you could consider if (a) you want to get away from the black one and (b) if you carry half your life around; 18. The ‘Japanese’-style trench with pockets and a drawstring, I can only imagine the pairings; 19. Want to ditch the bomber for something more ladylike? Then try this suede collarless jacket, your look seems polished already.

sporty luxe

Sport lux – the new kid in town vs. classic pieces: 20. The oversized sweater may look like it is wearing the model rather than the other way round, but the pattern and the way it is styled has street style scribbled all over it; 21. You can do a literal sports look by wearing a basketball-lined sweat such as the above; 22. Take it up a notch with this metallic bomber jacket; 23. Conversely, you can never go wrong with the classic open-sleeved blazer (or is it blazer cape?) or removing the sleeve altogether in 24. This grey tie waistcoat is very versatile and can do triple work in all the seasons except summer (unless the latter is cool too where you live). 25. I included a touch of colour by way of this bag which is tongue-in-cheek and very similar to Anya Hindmarch’s emoji stickers.

tops&bottoms collage

Moment pieces – the last set includes some ideas that you might want to try, they’re fads really but in a way I can see the stand the test of fashion seasons as they still have that rather classic touch: 26. The (PU) leather burgundy skirt is a color-fueled substitute for the black version; 27. The wrap skirt is very work-appropriate and an interesting addition if you love pencil skirts; 28. The lace-up top is peaking right now (so grab one before we get fed up with it) and this one is less revealing than other options; 29. Fringe it like no one’s watching: the collar fringe makes for a unique twist; 30. Finally, we could not leave out the cold shoulder and here it is in the dress version, and in grey, one of my fav colours of the moment.

That’s a wrap for now – hope you like the suggestions and ask away if you want further ideas. What will you be wearing next month? As for me, I think how great it would be to add some of the above pieces in my wardrobe, especially in light of any fashion events that may come up (though Malta Fashion Week is still 89 days away so who knows what I will find by then?)

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