The spontaneous photo shoot – street wear #5

Camel coat, off-duty model style, faux fur gilet, the all-black look, the white sneakers… these items have by now pervaded many of our wardrobes / closets / Ikea racks, albeit in a good way. They are a godsend on those bad hair style days, or when one wakes up late and has to put on some semblance of ‘put-togetherness’ / normalcy with panache. Then there is that ‘oh I just woke up like this’ expression suffused with French effortlessness, both of which have become so overdone that one needs serious suspension of disbelief to accept these affirmations. However, these 3 gals do bring some earnest game to this scenario, and the quasi-normcore style is injected with life when all the above items come out to play in a live tableau. One that was unplanned, unsought, but happily discovered as I was there at the right place and at the right time, and happened to look carefully as I have grown accustomed to doing when looking for ‘street stylers’ abroad.

Exhibit A: Model Roseanne, seen channeling the model off-duty style (with some embellished make-up as she was coming out of a fashion shoot); she was chuffed with her mix of strong make-up against the laid back ripped denim and Gap tee.

Exhibit B: Fashion designer, stylist, and model coordinator, Damioke extolled the virtues of thrifting, as her coat’s origins attested.

Exhibit C: Callyann, student of radio broadcasting and friend of Roseanne, was very pleased when we joked she resembled a contestant of ANTM.


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