#throwbackthursday: where cultures collide

It has already been two years since my trip to Southeast Asia, but given half a chance I would go back. If only to travel around Bali and Malaysia, which have by now become popular hotspots among many tourists and globetrotters alike. Most probably travelling to that part of the world might take you through Singapore, which I have already written about previously. As part of the #throwbackthursday series, though, I thought I would do more (extensive photographic) justice by sharing more interesting facts and features of this man-made city. It makes for a perfect stopover: ideal for shopping, great for food (when is Southeast Asia not?), and a good initiation into culture shock (think Westernised boulevards like Orchard Road meets Little India, which is worth a visit). The surprising fact is that Singapore boasts havens of green amid the bustling city so rest assured you would get your much-needed R&R considering you would be recovering from jet lag (the Singapore botanical gardens and Gardens by the Bay are your go-to spots; after relaxing you may then hope over to the Marina Bay Sands malls which are home to top world brands, and a ‘spaceship-shaped’ Louis Vuitton store). At night visit the Clarke Quay, which can be quite scenic (albeit in a different way to nature above); it also offers a range of food and drink eateries to spend a pleasant evening. On that note, it is useful to point out Singapore tends to be expensive but worth the splurge if you are passing by. Suffice to say that a breakfast in the Gardens by the Bay probably cost more than 3 meals in Vietnam! Till next time!



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