What to wear…in Singapore

A while ago I had posted an article on how Asians are impeccable mavens at pulling off the cleanest, most sophisticated looks on the one hand, and full-blown garishness on the other;  you can take your pick where your loyalties lie. In the blogosphere you might be aware that a number of street stylers, bloggers, and YouTubers are indeed of Asian descent, even though they might be living in the US – Chriselle Lim, Jenn Im, Aimee Song are but a few worth mentioning (their style and skin tones are equally flawless). So what about taking the proverbial leaf out of their look books when visiting Singapore so a dash of shopping can be done in style? There is a synergy in the way they combine even the most ‘basic’ items, but upon observing their outfits, we may think of adopting the following style notes tips…

1. Go monochrome but differentiate in terms of materials and shade, as Chriselle does;

2. A blush shade of pink is a livelier alternative to a darker suit;

3. Proportions are important, but Chriselle shows us that a long jacket can be worn on a longer hemline, if done well;

4.  Invest in good quality garments.

5. A long grey coat always looks good on denim, as Aimee shows below, especially when worn with a slightly darker shade of grey and a red bandana;

6. Square-shaped boots need to be shown off with barer legs, but don’t compromise warmth thanks to this shearling coat…those trimmings on the bag add the colour needed;

7. As in no. 5, but this time a camel coat on an all-black ensemble is pure magic, especially when concluding the outfit with those killer boots;

8. Channel the 70s trend with a more contemporary vibe…combining two different types of suede (dark khaki and tan) is a total winner!

9. Try a colour gradient but keep it less feminine with a boy’s cap, as Jenn does;

10. Blue and black can be offset by the white top under the overalls;

11. That Anna Wintour tee is a definite tongue-in-cheek piece and the long black open cardigan allows it to peek through;

12. Pale pink also looks good as a long coat cardi-style, especially when layered over your typical white shirt and relaxed pair of jeans.


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