A spot of shopping in Seattle: Style in Transit’s picks 

As my experience in many US states I have visited has taught me, shopping in this continent can be amazing though complicated as one is spoilt for choice. I have so far glimpsed into a couple of stores, even if these just scratch the surface of the abundance that lies in store. Here are my picks so far: 

Zara, because I know that many of my Maltese friends, readers and fashion-lovers adore this brand 


keep your outfit simple with this bejewelled jacket
co-ords get a twist this season with a cropped top and pants
summery tones with rainbow-coloured dresses and separates
as seen in designer bags, strong hardware also makes an appearance in this Zara tote

All Saints, for the sophisticated, classic woman who is after longer-lasting style that withstands the onslaught of temporal seasons 

blush pinks and muted colours

the finest quality leathers and suedes
The last store for this post, Urban Outfitters is for the hip, artistic, creative woman. Athleisure is picking up here too. Needless to say, the store itself is a masterpiece.
of bodysuits and reddish suedes
adidas sweater, bomber and geeky skirt – you’re good to go
interesting additions to the store
Coachella meets safari meets city-slick

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