Style in Transit turns 3!

Set 1: People, events, and style

I had almost forgotten that it has now been three years since I started blogging! To be exact, my very first post was on the 3rd of April, so I am 6 days late in writing this. I had got it into my head somehow that the anniversary was round the middle or end of April. Go figure!

When I started this blog I had no idea who or what was out there – I must say, it opened up an entirely new and different world. I has helped me in many ways, writing / blogging, that is. First off, it is a creative outlet and a little escape from the mundane. It has definitely helped me to connect more closely with the fashion industry in Malta, during which time I got to know a lot of amazing people, namely designers, creatives, and bloggers like myself. I have also learnt that the term and concept of ‘blogger’ tends to be frowned upon at times, but that it changes every now and again.

The blog has been a platform through which I share my experiences, whether they are style- or travel-related, fully knowing that when I am sharing I might also be giving away part of my life/privacy (that comes with the territory). Yet, I have also become more reflective and conscious of what I put out there, because I want to give my readers interesting and good-quality content to make it worth their time and while. To that end, I have invested time, passion, and thought to it, but it has not stressed me out like many have thought. Instead, I feel that it is a creative vent for me, and above all it is fun! When I have a writing block in other contexts, I turn to writing here and it unblocks me. It is like a comfort zone.

The blog’s identity has taken shape in different ways. Initially people thought it was a travelogue, but from the get-go my intention was to write about style and fashion. Till today it still baffles me that I have to clarify that it is related to these strands which are at the blog’s core – this is self-evident in the type of events I attend and what I write about. The word style  is in the title after all. The title is meant to be a pun of sorts, namely that style(s) change(s), it/ they are fluid, and in transition. Just like someone is in transit, i.e. literally such as moving around, or metaphorically such as exploring oneself and one’s identity throughout life. Lo and behold, however, certain people still have this perception that my blog is a travel one, just because I post about my trips. I mean, don’t most style bloggers include blog posts or vlogs about their travels? Since when have we become so restrictive? If anything, blogging has now evolved into a lifestyle, rather than being merely about fashion or travel.

On that note, I would like to thank my readers and followers on my different social media platforms (almost 1K on Instagram and 4K on Facebook, so give Style in Transit a follow if you want to help me reach these figures!). To wrap this up, up top is a collage of (a few) moments during these 3 years (related to style and the great people I have met), and below is a travel-related one of my adventures in Asia, Europe, and the US 🙂 xx

Set 2: Trips and places visited


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