Athleisure or at leisure? On ‘wearing who when what whatever’ – street wear #7

In one of my recent posts on fashion and design, which you can read here, I discussed the concept of ‘wearing who when what whatever’ presented by Brent Luvass. One of the ideas inherent in this description is that one has a more relaxed attitude towards choice of clothing and creating a look. At the same time, what we wear reflects in part who we are, so is the choice of ‘no choice but wearing what one feels like, or, not really bothering with what we put on before we leave our house’, say something about us? During the above presentation, street style photos were exhibited and the common thought among the audience was that, for all the ‘who when what whatever’ drift, most of the street stylers looked really good. Or maybe it was Luvass’ skill as a photographer that brought that out, that turned the ‘basic’ into something special.

In an age where you will find articles on how to style the most basic items or photos of off-duty models clad in little more than a tee, jeans, and sneakers, the concept of basic has transcended the boundaries of what the word really means. The effect is that many try to emulate this look, which is often composed of easy-to-put-together items. First there was normcore. Now there is athleisure, that refers to the clothes that fit the bill for both athletic and leisure purposes. For example, wearing yoga pants and sneakers practically everywhere, to put it basically – pun intended (for a fuller definition read this article from InStyle). For some it is a way of life, for others a passing fad, and for others yet a part of who they are.

Sarah Sophia  IMG_7175 IMG_7173

Case in point: The style of liberal arts college students Sara (image 1) and Sophia (image 2), who I met while scouting street style during one of my trips abroad (Dublin). Their choice of clothing (especially Sophia’s) is not strictly dictated by this athleisure tendency but rather a question of loyalty to a brand such as Adidas. This begs another question, which is probably a discussion for another day, namely: are we more into wearing brands than into what the clothes look like? I do not think this was the case with Sophia because she was so relaxed (the epitome of ‘chill’) that she did not really care what people really thought of her style. She is cool that way. As for Sarah, the signature of this look is ‘grungier’ but softened by her short blond hair and gentle facial features. I must say one thing though – they were really naturals when it came to taking photos for I asked them to be themselves rather than pose. See the result for yourself (above and in the slideshow for more shots) and let me know your thoughts..

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