R&R and Hair Care by Dean Gera

Routines are something we tell ourselves we need to make sense of the chaos around us. So are schedules, planners, and making lists. Very often, however, it is this sense of control and careful planning that winds us up, making us dart frantically from one thing to another. This leaves us exhausted and stressed. That is me, piling on things to do because there aren’t enough hours in a day. Somehow it is meaningful to say we are ‘busy’, as if there is always somewhere we should be. 

Well, that ‘somewhere’ happened to be a total welcome break from my routine. Last Thursday saw me rushing again, but this time it was because I had a much-awaited appointment with rest and recuperation in the form of a massage and facial. Teaming up with the Dean Gera salon in Valletta, I was anticipating a couple of hours of relaxation – I was not disappointed. It was even better than the words you see on the leaflet advertising the treatments. Why? Read on…

The massage 

For starters, the therapist Brunella knows how to do a massage because I felt around 3-4 nodes on my back loosen with every movement. I almost fell asleep at one point because I was completely at ease for those 25 minutes of bliss. The room itself emanates the perfect atmosphere because despite being located in the Embassy Complex, Dean Gera’s salon has designed the Spa Room so that you feel disconnected from the hubbub out there. 

The Facial

Lasting 55 minutes, the facial was aimed at boosting and rejuvenating the skin. Many of us suffer from dehydrated skin so such a facial provides that dose of hydration to reboot it. My skin is not as dehydrated so in my case the facial worked well twice over. A bonus of the facial is that the products used are all Dermalogica*, which are of the highest quality and good for every type of skin. Here are the stages and products used during the facial: 

1. After removing the make-up, Brunella used a pre-cleanser to remove lasting traces of make-up and impurities. 

2. The cleansing gel was then applied to reinforce step 1. 

3. Next up was the daily microfoliant which feels slightly granular but softens the skin. 

4. A relaxing face, head, and neck massage followed – now I was really Zen after the full massage above. 

5. The product to follow was the multivitamin power recovery masque. As the name implies, it restores essential minerals to the skin to counteract that dull look. 

6. A multi-active toner was applied and the skin felt as fresh as a cucumber. 

7. The last two products are related. These were the multipower power firm for the eyes and one for the face. As with all skincare products, it is very important to use separate creams for the eye area as this is highly sensitive. 

8. Finally, Brunella applied some tinted primer so that I could leave the salon with some colour on and to give extra protection (the primer has SPF in it). 

The Hair Cut

The cherry on the cake of this ΓΌber-relaxing afternoon/experience was a hair cut and blow dry. I was in the hands of Leanne, a senior stylist, who gave my hair a much-needed trim and shape. As I did not want to cut it short (I love my long hair), we decided to meet mid-way by cutting long layers. I appreciated Leanne’s advice and consultation but most of all her honesty and professionalism. If you book an appointment at Dean Gera in Valletta, ask for her. You will not be sorry. 

So that is it for today’s review of the services mentioned. I look forward to returning to the salon for more delectable treatments. What about giving them a go? 

* Dermalogica products are on sale at the salon. 

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