Sneak peek – MFWA16’s Fashion Fortress 

Malta’s heritage plays a strong role in fashion week and I guess we are kind of unique that way. The team behind MFWA always scouts for incredible locations and this year promises to be no less special. I think it is getting better every year that goes by. Suffice to say that the venue is part of the anticipation. As they say: location, location, location. Of course the designers and brands are at the centre, but what better way than showcasing their work in historic venues with loads of character? 

Enter Fort Saint Angelo. It has undergone tremendous restoration and now attendees of fashion week will be lucky enough to reap the benefits. St Angelo, a huge bastioned fort, is located in Birgu – standing on one of the vantage points, the views are breathtaking. Originally a castle, it was rebuilt by the knights and had a key role during the great siege of 1565. Now that is what we call history. So imagine its transformation into a fashion fortress… Excitement is an understatement. 

During the logistics meeting yesterday, designers, photographers, and bloggers were given a tour of the spots cherry picked for the respective shows, a whopping 20+, which is unprecedented for MFWA. And so, the marathon soon begins.. 

p.s. Lest I forget, a word to the wise – avoid stiletto heels if you must, especially if you intend to move from one venue to another (luckily enough, this year’s fashion caters for it in the form of flatforms, sneakers, and block heels). 

Style in Transit x

p.p.s Cover photo by Horace Camilleri 

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