#throwbackthursday – of designers and MFWA’15

+ Reflections in anticipation of MFWA’16

In less than 10 days a much anticipated event spanning 8 days will unfold: Malta Fashion Week and Awards. While designers are getting ready to showcase their work, add finishing touches, and handle the mixture of excitement and tension, the audience out there eagerly awaits the collections with elation. As was already mentioned in a post on the venue and the calendar created for you readers to download, it is set to be a marathon of sorts with 3 events on every night. Talk about ‘never a dull moment’ in sight. Here are some reflections or aspects to look forward to…

  1. Excitement over who the new designers are and what they will bring to the local fashion table;
  2. Following their collections at the Pink Fashion Show, predictions are that Saz Mifsud and Carla Grima are among the favourites…and the same definitely applies to Parascandalo and Ritienne Zammit (with the collection entitled Je Suis, Ritienne knows she has piqued our interest!);
    Saz Mifsud @ The Pink Fashion Show Nov’15

    Carla Grima Atelier @ The Pink Fashion Show Nov’15

    DSC_0300-2_marco 4
    Parascandalo @ MFWA’15

    IMG_3275_Ritienne 1
    Ritienne Zammit @ MFWA’15
  3. The ethereal element is a huge theme or so the names imply: The Secret Garden (Adalia B.); The Sirena Collection (Sam Selby); Nymph Collection (Gaetano, who also won Best New Designer last year); and Insomnia (Nilara, who regaled us with a fabulous collection last year);
    New Designer winner of MFWA’15 Gaetano

    One of Nilara’s pieces @ MFWA’15
  4. Then there is the spirit of the rebel and lover of life, captured in collection titles such as Joie de Vivre (Rosita); Punk by Sequin (Freeze Frame); and Hunter (Milica Trickovic)
  5. Last but not the least, there are both new and familiar names/brands among the remaining shows, such as Claudia Goagara (Interlude); Lilly Mae (showing Elena Miro, Marina Rinaldi, and Basler); Gagliardi (a staple in Maltese fashion for men); Eymeric Francois (returning with another show); Anna Romysh (returning to entice the brides-to-be with fascination gowns); Desiree (Exclusive Art on Shoes Exhibition, another new concept); and an array of brands showcased by the Point shopping mall.
    A classic look by Gagliardi during MFWA’15

    Eymeric Francois @ MFWA’15

    IMG_2799_Anna Romysh 2
    Bridal gowns by Anna Romysh during MFWA’15

Let the countdown begin… les jeux sons fait! Ready, set, CATWALK!


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