What to wear for Malta Fashion Week and Awards

Finding one’s personal style when it comes to dressing up for events such as fashion week often boils down to what type of ‘dresser’ you are. So the question is, are you for minimalism or maximalism? The two are obviously on either side of a spectrum, but why restrict yourself to either when it is more fun playing the chameleon and shifting between the two? I think that is what I am inclined to do this season as fashion week is the perfect sartorial playground to be more daring and almost ostentatious without the concern of garnering odd looks. Thinking of pairing your pleated skirt with white sneakers? Why not? What about wearing a striped light turtleneck under a metallic slip dress? Totally legit. Oh, and one of the cheeky combinations would be bombers with more ladylike pieces. Here are some pieces that have been going strong and can help your outfit stand out (also based on my travel experiences in the US and UK this year):

The statement blazer: Have you thought that the blazer only belongs to the office? Then think again, because this piece of outerwear is your in-between seasons saviour while it dresses up an outfit at the snap of a finger. Whether you wear it on denim and a tee, or over your shoulders while wearing a dress, the blazer adds class but also keeps you warm when the temps go down after the sun sets. I am saying this because we must not underestimate the weather, and even though it could be a heatwave during the day, the (Vittoriosa) breeze over St Angelo can be quite sneaky – you’ll thank me later. If I’m wrong and the heat lingers, then just let it hang loose over your shoulders.


The tied-up shirt or any form of tie-up: Tie up or tie down, it’s your pick. Like the blazer, the shirt gets a bad rep that often consigns it to the boardroom. A bowtie detail however takes it from nought to stylish in 60 seconds, or how long it takes you to do it up.


Embroidered denim (and bombers): Whether it is a detail on your denim or your bomber, embroidery has caught on big time, so much so that it is ubiquitous and might have become far too common (I have to sadly add). Wearing this style does not mean you are a copycat if you can blend it into your signature look. Personalise it by finding and attaching patches to the jacket, jeans, or skirt.

embroidered bomber

Khaki-and-jeans (colour) combination: I’ve been fond of khaki (or different scales of green) ever since my trip to the US last year and I must say my prediction that it would be popular has been proven right. The interesting part is that the saying ‘blue and green cannot be seen’ has been quashed thanks to the merging of denim and khaki, which really go well together if you take a minute and push that ‘whoever came up with that rule’ thought aside. Even better? Wear a structured shirt on a denim mini-skirt (which is back in business).


Multi-coloured striped dress: Whether mini or maxi, the ribbed dress is a no-brainer. Add to that the multi-coloured striped details and you can have lunch with Margot of The Royal Tenenbaums. Make sure that the fit is right though because tight dresses do not look good.


The sneaker: Of course this is the most comfortable pair of shoes you can think of, especially in light of the venue(s) and traipsing between one show and another. If you were thinking 5-inch heels of the stiletto kind, then fuggedaboutit*. Instead, do not shy away from wearing kicks (aka sports shoes). This does not mean the gym type of sneakers but the city-appropriate one that could still be stylish. Think of Converse, Vans, Adidas, and those iterations but do not go overboard with the colours if the rest of your outfit already has colour. Or maybe do, but clashing colours is an acquired taste so get an opinion on it before taking the plunge.


Lace-ups and other flats: Not convinced of wearing sneakers? Then flat shoes are your new best friend, and your feet will sing eulogies for you when you get home. I do not go completely flat though because a slight wedge or heel is to my mind more comfortable. Who has to think of the length of the heel though when your attention is drawn to the lace-up detail that looks so sophisticated? As for colour, I would think black, tan, khaki, or sand/rust hues work best with any outfit and look expensive even when they might not be. Although we hinted there are no rules this season, there is however a line to draw when it comes to tackiness and cheap, which can never be ok. So for this I would avoid red lace-ups (for colour) or the chunky bulky shoe if it is really not your style.


Ruffles: Although this could signal entering princess territory, if ruffles are done right and suit your style then go for it. Face and hair have a lot to say in this matter so ruffles will not go with any face and any hairstyle. This is a classic example of not wearing something just because it is fashionable. Then it also depends what you pair it with. Denim is usually a good option, though might be considered ‘safe’ by some.


The slip dress: As mentioned before, the slip dress is having a moment. This, however, is not everyone’s cup of tea. It can be worn with something underneath especially if you are not ready to bare lots of skin or go braless. As for shoes, a square heel or mules can help to balance the girliness of the look.

slip dress

As an added bonus for tonnes of more outfit ideas, click on each item link which will take you to the source of the image but also to other sources of inspiration; have fun getting dressed for #MFWA2016!!

*(that’s forget about it in gangster-speak by the way)

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