Innovation and Vision – #MFWA16 New Designers

Malta Fashion Week and Awards 2016 kicked off in style (pun intended) with the New Designers show, as 7 talented collections were revealed as models walked down a makeshift runway in Valletta, in front of Teatru Rjal. Here is a summary of what went on during the first show of what promises to be a very colourful and interesting week!

Now showing for the 3rd time, Lukka Pizzuto is fast becoming a homegrown name among the fashion crowd at Malta Fashion Week and Awards. His collection Night Mist is based on black and blue, drawing inspiration from working late hours. The shades of the night are woven into the rich damask and corduroy materials that take shape in the waistcoats, blazers, and a dress, all showcased to set the ball rolling for the first fashion show. With a touch of reclaimed vintage, Lukka’s collection is sleek, refined, and sumptuous. Well executed!

Currently studying fashion in Florence, Italy, Maria Cutajar returns to fashion week to present a Spring/Summer collection called Summer Breeze. Maria wanted to capture the wind breeze and the ripples created by the waves by using contrasting colours and luscious fabrics. The softness of the materials mimic the wind, while the layering of the fabric stand in for the ripples.

Mari Ahoy hails from Finland and studied fashion in Scandinavia before upping roots and moving to Malta. Her roots shape her design aesthetic, evident in the unassuming but stark shapes, harking back to Nordic design. There is, at the same time, inquisitiveness and experimentation in design, a sense of adventure which is represented by the inventive cuts and ‘line-blurring’ designs of the garments. Entitled Form follows Feeling, this is Mari’s second reveal at Malta Fashion Week and Awards.

Showing for the very first time at fashion week, Giulia Pandolfino originally wanted to showcase lingerie, which partly explains the title of her swimwear collection Active Allure. While having a chat with the designer during the media launch party, it emerged that the attention to detail that goes into each piece is of utmost importance when it comes to swimwear. Watching the models clad in bikinis, I noticed how well the latter fit, as well as how interesting the designs are. True to form, swimwear can be very difficult to pull off, so well done to Giulia – every stitch counts!

At only 20 years of age, the next designer is surely one to note on the fashion radar. Nathan Micallef wowed the crowd with his collection. While designing, he is inspired by daily life experiences and different settings. The idea of a journey is quite visible because that is what Nathan aspires to do through his designs, take his audience on a journey. Bridging innovation with accessibility, the pieces offer possibilities of wearing clothes confidently.

The penultimate designer to present his collection Walk the Talk was Malcolm Cremona. The set pieces revolve around inspirational messages which follow a path, from dreaming to achieving. Weaving one-word ideas into every piece combined with the lace materials blends strength with femininity which is why his collection focuses on the woman.

Last but definitely not the least, Gabrielle Fenech returns once more with a totally different collection to that of last year. This time, she commemorates the 30th year anniversary of Chernobyl’s nuclear disaster by paying tribute through her artistic designs to the ghost village Pripyat, Ukraine (where the nuclear plant was situated). Bearing the eponymous title as the village, Gabrielle’s collection at once reveals skilfulness and awareness of subtleties in design.The fact that the print is uniquely handcrafted by Gabrielle is clear testimony of her dedication to and passion for fashion design.

See you at the next show!



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