Thy eternal summer shall not fade – Saz Mifsud’s Pollen Poetry collection

IMG_8933 IMG_8934

Inspired by the delicacy and transient quality of flowers, and transferred to opulent printed scarves, Saz Mifsud’s Pollen Poetry collection is an authentic artistic accomplishment. After her foray at the Pink Fashion Show (November ’15 edition), Saz now delights the fashion crowd attending MFWA16 with digitally printed pieces on various silks. I know I was enthused at the prospect of laying eyes on Saz’s productions as soon as I heard she was one of the participating designers. Merging photography and expressive design, the scarves’ quality is uncontested, and Saz transcends the transitory lifespan of flowers, yielding a more assured permanence through her creations.

IMG_8938 IMG_8936 IMG_8935 IMG_8932

Finally, a comment on the name of her collection. It is truly refreshing and commendable that Saz chose the word ‘poetry’ and embedded quotations from literary greats such as Gérard de Nerval, for in an age where people do not appreciate it as much as one would like to, it is important to note that from the written word to the image, and in this case a printed scarf, poetry surrounds us – all we have do is open our eyes and embrace it!


IMG_8939  IMG_8941

(The quotation in this post’s title is from ‘Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day’ by William Shakespeare)

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