For Iconic and Amazonian Women – Nymph by Gaetano

‘Amazed by powerful women who love their inner rebel, who embrace their femininity’ – with these words in mind, designer Gaetano (Busuttil) crafted and produced contemporary works of art for the ‘seductive’ and ’emancipated’ woman. Unshackled by assumptions, presumptions, and societal mores, the woman who inspired Gaetano to design these Amazonian pieces is also ’empowered’ and determined to push the conventional envelope of style.

The creations embody traits that usually represent different types of women, but Gaetano’s vision is to juxtapose contrasts within the same look, for instance merge sex appeal with admiration, or sophistication with seduction. Another contrast is evident in the choice of colours (clashing the blacks with the nudes), and materials (lace vs. stiffer satins).

Needless to say, this collection is for the woman who dares step out of her comfort zone yet retain composure and stature. Gaetano is in awe of strong, confident women, and perceives them as ‘powerful creatures’ and ‘icons’ to whom he dedicates and around whom he designs his collection. At this point, I would like to add a reflection on the connection between the title of the collection, the garments, and the runway show. As the word ‘nymph’ usually connotes innocence and grace, and the pieces already speak to that effect, the ethereal and delicate concept could have been reinforced by opting for more natural and subdued looks in the hair and make-up departments*. As the standout pieces were matched to the models, there were moments where the softness gave way to harsher facial features (I do suspect that the lighting at night could have created some shadows over the faces which contributed to this; for a closer look at the hair and make-up have a look here, a portfolio of photos by one of Malta’s well-known photographers, Bernard Polidano). As a first solo performance, however, the pieces were solid and made up a cohesive collection. So I believe I am not be the only one keeping an eye out for future collections by Gaetano!

(* I would like to clarify that this is not a critique but an honest interpretation of how the final result of the looks appeared from the audience’s standpoint).


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