One of a kind – Anna Romysh x Wedding Bells

Handmade, embroidered, designer: these are the three most pertinent words that come to mind when the name Anna Romysh and bridal are uttered together. For the second event on the third day of Malta Fashion Week and Awards, the audience took their seats for a highly awaited show, particularly for the brides-to-be who are still on the lookout for the dress.

Wedding Bells is the only bridal shop that offers gowns by Anna Romysh that are designed and created once, and only once. This obviously means that no bride is alike, and this increases the allure of every wedding dress. Add to that the Swarovski crystals that enhance the brilliance of the materials, all of the finest quality. The 2017 collection showcased during the show truly offers brides-to-be a taste of what to aspire to own and wear on their special day.

Balancing sensuality and femininity, each piece promises a different look and a particular style, both of which flatter women’s shape while also matching various personalities: from the fairytale princess to the contemporary confident woman, one can choose who to be on their big day.


A final word… the lovely floral bouquets were provided by Alistair Floral Design, which has by now become a household name in bridal flower arrangements – have a look at one of their original designs here:



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