Turning heads – The Secret Garden by Adalia B

If you thought that hats and headpieces belong to a bygone era or are restricted to morning weddings, you are not to blame. In an age where the trade of the miller is all but defunct, hardly anyone would fault you for considering such whimsical creations as passé. However, in the fashion world and organisations such as the CFDA, which is responsible for The Fashion Fund among other things, millinery is indeed being recognised as an art in its own right, supported and promoted (see Gigi Burris for example). So it comes as a pleasant surprise and a great addition to Malta Fashion Week and Awards that one of the designers’ collection focuses on headwear.

Adalia B’s collection The Secret Garden is at once ladylike and exuberant. Every headpiece is a masterpiece in design, radiating Adalia’s passion, perseverance, and polished touch. As the models clad in angelic white glided down the runway, which was beautifully adorned to resemble a curated garden path, attendees’ heads followed the movement of every piece and intricacies captured within. For it has been emphasised that Adalia seeks perfection, which explains the exhaustive hours spent on creating unique and bespoke items, with the aim of enhancing women’s beauty. With headpieces like Adalia B’s, a morning wedding will be the perfect excuse to wrap your head around the idea of going back to wearing hats. Couture meets art, and Adalia has definitely won the hearts (and heads) of many women preparing for upcoming summer morning weddings.

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