Riveting Androgyny – Parascandalo #MFWA2016

It is a truly acknowledged fact that when there is a huge crowd of different tastes and ages, the show is bound to be good. So it was for the first show of Day 4 of Malta Fashion Week with the highly anticipated collection of Parascandalo. A total contrast to the previous night’s shows full of couture garments, the Parascandalo brand offers singular street wear looks that merge wearability, durability, and androgyny. Similar to the 2015 collection In the Sky presented during fashion week, this year’s was also focused on top-quality pieces that promise edginess and character.

Infused with undertones of Maltese culture, political, and environmental issues, the combination of colours and materials work seamlessly so the end result is striking as it is unified in ideology and concept. ‘The ultimate social commentary in motion’, Parascandalo’s fashion show was not only a crowdpleaser but commanded attention towards the designer’s innovation and vision.

As creative director of the eponymous brand, Marco Parascandalo has remained loyal to his Maltese roots but his experimentation is indicative of looking beyond the local shores, venturing into the scene of riveting and alluring fashion. Returning to black, and once again imbibing an androgynous theme to the pieces, Parascandalo’s 2016 collection is fresh, youthful, energetic, and thoughtful all at once. The audience was certainly not disappointed and one can now easily recognise the name Parascandalo. Have a look at some of the looks that drew our attention and that will definitely hang in many of our closets to be worn soon!


An extra touch to make the show even more special was a live performance by the band Crux.

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