Silk Sense by Rosita presents Joie de Vivre at #MFWA2016

Rosita’s origins are Lithuanian but in 2013 moved to Malta for a change of scene. Following a career in dress design, Rosita decided to re-enact centuries-old art of painting on silk which resulted in a powerful combination of the old and the new. Inspired by Asian and Indian ancient art, Rosita is also keen on contrasting the four seasons in nature of the Lithuanian countryside, particularly the hues of bright flowers in the spring mixed with the dominant white colours of the long Lithuanian winters.

IMG_9267 IMG_9271 IMG_9282

All the pieces are initially raw silk, in their natural white form. Colours that can be seen in the pieces below have been applied onto the silk by Rosita, who likes to enliven a blank canvas that is transformed into a flowing work of art. This transformation proves to be one of the most gratifying processes for the designer. The colours are then an inspiration for the clothes’ design, whereby Rosita creates each and every dress as one-off, the only one of its kind. 3D effects are possible thanks to the addition of organic materials such as sugar or wax. These react with the dye and produce a one-shot pattern, which is not repeated or reprinted again.

IMG_9291 IMG_9306

Rosita’s debut at Malta Fashion Week 2016 was indeed a joy to behold because the models that walked down the stairs and made their way onto the catwalk seemed to perform rather than merely model the flowing garments, further enhancing the joie de vivre elements for which the collection is named.

IMG_9329 IMG_9336 IMG_9340



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