Ophelia by Carla Grima Atelier | #MFWA2016

As the scene was set by live saxophone groovy music, the models donning creations by Carla Grima strode along the runway to the beat and to the welcome glances of the audience. Carla Grima Atelier presented the vibrant, suggestive collection entitled Ophelia.

For this production, Carla Grima weaves an interesting combination of watercolours, photography, and digital technology. Every piece is created using hand dyed natural fabrics that give way to a motley of colours and shades. The colour gradient in some of the pieces is intriguing because it clearly shows a passion and precision in execution. The cuts and silhouettes convey fluidity and comfort in motion. This is well-matched to the summer theme that takes center stage  in the collection, as Carla Grima returns to base conjuring the sun-drenched warmth of Mediterranean pigments, saturated as they are  with energy and  radiance. The materials allow a natural rippling movement reminiscent of the sun rays that hit the sea and sand in all the right places.

From breezy summer day dresses to lengthier evening maxis, the choice of styles and designs is varied and inventive. Add to that luxe light burgundy pants and dashing separates based on a complementary combination of tans and blues. There are also some beachwear pieces included, which are ideal for a trip to Capri or equally beautiful destinations. There are a few favorites of mine which speak to my personal quest for elegance and femininity. Well done Carla!

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