Flights of Fancy – Désirée Shoe Designs | #MFWA2016

Whimsical, adventurous, and quirky, Désirée’s creations promise to add a spring in your step, almost literally. From stilettos to sneakers, and some other shoe types thrown in for good measure, the range of designs is possible on any kind of footwear (those brogues are a major hit!!). Custom-made and colourful, the ingenious idea is to transfer one’s personality onto shoes, which as we women (and also some men) know can make or break an outfit. Désirée offers personalised shoes with designs that are either floral, geometric, cartoonesque, or even patterns one would come across in very specialised art colouring books. Check out her website here to discover for yourself more of what Désirée offers, as she hand-paints the prints to turns customers’ penchants and whims into wearable fashion. Her shoes are a work of art so one can clearly deduce that this is yet another instance of the amalgamation of fashion and art. On day 5 of Malta Fashion Week and Awards, the launch of  Désirée’s shoe collection took place where a sample was presented and can still be admired so why not check it out and maybe speak to the designer in person?

IMG_9504  IMG_9511 IMG_9515 IMG_9516


Here is more of what Desiree provides, according to her site:  Désirée designer shoes are nothing like anything mass-produced, but rather, like what you would expect to see at an art gallery. Désirée treats each shoe as she does her interiors, with a new concept each time, taking into consideration the shape of the shoe, style, and most importantly the personality of the man or woman they are being designed for. Each pair becomes a new art canvas to her, where she painstakingly hand-paints each one to completion. When the design is complete she signs them off as she would any other artwork of hers. Each pair, uniquely asymmetrical, is designed to be the focal point in each outfit. After all, why wear common shoes like everyone else? All designs are made using high quality paints, however, just like every piece of art, they is intended to be treated and looked after with tender loving care and pride.


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